Thursday, December 29, 2011

BEST OF 2011

This is basically a way for me & possibly y'all to keep track of the decent shit we've heard this year. Leave a comment and let me know what I'm missing, what's blowing yr mind so far or tell me if you think something I love is complete shit.

The Psychic Paramount - II
Bridget Hayden - A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean
Gnod & A Middle Sex - Split lp
United Waters - Your First Ever River lp
Psychic Reality - Vibrant New Age
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Low Fired Clay Escape
Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact
Sightings - Future Accidents [fucking fantastic]



Esteban Mora said...

kujaz - kujaz
sean mccann - the capital
colin stetson - new history warfare vol 2: judges
vatican shadow - kneel before religious icons
hype williams - one nation
vladislav delay quartet - s/t
the north sea - never stop it
rape faction - future brain
grouper - alien observer/dream loss
higuma - pacific fog dreams
tim hecker - ravedeath, 1972
super minerals - the hoax
jeffry astin - grasses only green
rene hell - terminal symphony
psychedelic horseshit - laced
the pheromoans - still rankles
tonstartssbandht - now i am become
sightings - future accidents
zach hill - lil scuzzy
sundrips - just a glimpse
sundrips - guide
excepter - maze of death
leyland kirby - intrigue and stuff
akita, gustaffson, o'rourke - one bird two bird
united waters - your first ever river
red electric rainbow & wether - split
stephen molyneux - cambodian field recordings
greg davis - eyebright
gnod & a middle sex - split
malibu wands - c h d w
genocide organ - under kontrakt
the uv race - homo
tom carter - all ahead now
prurient - many jewels surround the crown
the night people comp
(plus everything you havent posted)

mandingo said...

I just stopped listening to Zach Hill records after Astrological Straights. I assume Scuzzy is a improvement?

I really need to jam the Sightings, Rape Faction & Tonstartssbandht. I have them, but i just haven't been in the right mood for them yet.

Esteban Mora said...

i'd say lil scuzzy is better than astrological straits, yea. hell, the new tonstartssbandht is better than the last one i think. keep posting stuff dude, really. cheeriup.

Druggie said...

REALLY glad to see this blog back in action!

I would second the Zach Hill recommendation--I liked "Face Tat"--despite it's abundance of filler material--but "Lil Scuzzy" DELIVERS in a way I hadn't expected. Lots of trashy rhythm n' ambience experiments. Personally, I'd say "Astrological Straits" wasn't up to much, though.

The most overwhelming release I've heard this year is Peterlicker's "Nicht", which manages to take all the noises I ever loved and turn them into a landscape. Absolutely beautiful.

And I'd second the Sightings album, and add Iceage - "New Brigade".

Fuckin' love this blog.

thal said...

Myles said...

just wanted to let you know about my new Treasure Hunt record, Seatec Astronomy.

It's one long piece split into ten different sections, meant to evoke a shamanistic ritual/festival

here's a link for download:

and my bandcamp:

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it.

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badgerstump said...

Yo Dingo!

How about a best of 2012 post you lazy git! :-)

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