Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Temperatures - Ymir


I dunno if I can possibly explain to you just how much I love this lp.

So I won't. It's great. Just trust me on this one.

Trauma - It Ain't Happenin' c30

It Ain't Happenin' c30

Similar to Vampire Belt & Flower-Corsano this here is a Superduo. Christopher Riggs and Percussion SUPERSTAR Ben Hall [hey he played with Bill Dixion. That goes a long way in ma book.] make some glorious racket.

I mean COME ON.

This shit just ain't fair.

Tracey Trance - Fountain


Hey here's one of the better Tracey tapes I mentioned a couple of posts down from this one!

Toymonger - The Nightvision

The Nightvision

There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of those very underappreciated lps.

some great post-ashtray noise/drone/whatever. I tend to sandwich this between Birds of Delay & Temperatures lps for whatever that's worth.

Tracey Trance - Mummy Fingers

Mummy Fingers

For my money the Fountain & American Heatbeat are much better, but hey what do I know? I'm just a dude.

Poor School - Voor Niets in Zijn A

Voor Niets in Zijn A

Bryan Ramirez basically being Bryan Ramirez being a Bryan Ramirez that makes lots of noise with two buddies.


Vampire Belt - Moth Lake

Moth Lake

It's a shame that the grand total amount of Vampire Belt releases is a paltry sum of four. Granted, all of them make up for it by the sheer quality of them, but it's still something I can bitch about right?

I mean, granted it's not like we're lacking Nace and especially Corsano stuff, but there's something fucking special when these two madmen play together in this context.

If you haven't heard Vampire Belt think free improv guitar/drum stuff. Ascension, Thurston's collabs with Tom Surgal, etc.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tracey Trance - The American Heartbeat

The American Heartbeat



La Bamba

La Bamba

Like most comps it's pretty hit or miss. But the hits are insanely good.

And I mean Ultra Eczema put this fucker out... I mean COME ON.

Megafuckers - Escalation 7"

Escalation 7"

Yeah, MEGAFUCKERS. I mean come on.

Social Junk - Trailer Witch

Trailer Witch

It's Social Junk making all sorts of noise. You know you want it.

Maths Balance Volumes - Sideways 3'' CDR

Sideways 3'' CDR

A repost from the long lost days of NNFNN.

For fans of NNCK, Davenport, etc.

Black Quarter - Sodomy ESP cs

Sodomy ESP



Thames - XIII


Anyone who read this blog before I hit that giant restart button in the sky probably knows that I'm a big fan of Cousins of Reggae, Dreamcatcher & of course Thames.

Thames is sorta inbetween Dreamcatcher & Cousins in sound. Sorta a wild mix between the fucked band vibe of Cousins and the noise duo Dreamcatcher.

Really great stuff.

Patriotic Window Klings - Self Titled

Patriotic Window Klings

I'll be the first to admit that I thought this was going to be a Ducktails or Sam Merguine clone based on the cover art and the band name.

Welp, book cover judge and all that crap.

Instead it's a hot guitar duo noise improvy record. So in other words it's my sheeeeit.

grip it.

xNoBBQx - A World Without Elbows

A World Without Elbows

xNoBBQx is quite possibly the greatest band that exists, will exist or ever existed.

I am no liar. This is the truth. I'm sure it's in revelations somewhere.

Richard Youngs - Inceptor


This came out of nowhere for me. I haven't really been following most of Youngs' stuff for the past 10 or so years simply because it's not my cup of tea.