Monday, September 27, 2010

Cecil Taylor - Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!

Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!

I'm one of those Cecil Taylor fans that prefers Cecil's Solo albums to his duo, trio, quartet, etc. albums. Not that I don't think a lot of those records to be total masterpieces. It's just that I love hearing Cecil's manic flury of notes all over the place.

This isn't quite up there with Silent Tongues, but it's still better than ninety-nine percent of the free jazz that's clogging up the scene now.



Jazzfinger - Mole and the Morning Dew

Mole and the Morning Dew

(biggest art i could find that showed the whole cover. apologies.)

I spoke a bit about Jazzfinger a while back and I don't really feel like saying much else. I'm no critic.

This is one of my fav joints by the finger. Give it a shot!

Gang Wizard & Friends Forever - Split


A pretty slamming split between these two titans of weirdo noise rock.

And yeah, I think of both of these bands as rock bands. FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE. BLARGH!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jailbreak - The Rocker

The Rocker

This is, without a doubt, in my top five of the year.

To be totally honest with you I wasn't really expecting this from Heather Leigh. Aside from Jailhouse Rock I can't really recall anything else she's done that's as noisy and ass-kicking as this is.

And Corsano... WELL HE'S CORSANO.

Vlubä - Inventions for Inflatable Guitar

Inventions for Inflatable Guitar


Part of me wants to say that this is strange even by Chocolate Monk standards.

Greyskull - Self Titled cs

Self Titled

A pretty underrated tape from these dudes. Think Hidden Ascension/Unsummoning era Robedoor jamming with Haunted Castle. I know that collaboration already exists, but WHATEVER.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flower-Corsano Duo - You'll Never Work In This Town Again

You'll Never Work in This Town Again

Even though he's prone to an insane amount of hyperbole I can't help but feel that Keenan was pretty much otm about all bands paling in comparison to Flower-Corsano Duo.

Potential album of the year for me right here.

Anyway, is it weird that I LOVE Mick Flower's solo stuff but I've never been able to get into Vibracathedral Orchestra?

Northampton Wools - Self Titled 2CS

Self Titled 2CS

Thurston Moore + Bill Nace. I think you already know what this is gonna sound like.

If you're like me and the small amount of X.O.4. just isn't enough for you then this shit is like mana from HAVEN.

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase - Beatings With Gimpy Flighted Wings Entrapped By Post-Fence Of Garish-Land


If you're only familiar with Chris Cooper's work with Deerhoof, Fat Worm of Error or even bits of his duos with Bill Nace then this may come as a bit of a shock.

Both Deerhoof & Fat Worm, while loose, are certainly aren't formless and some of the duos with Bill Nace tend to become guitar noise extravaganzas.

I'm honestly at a bit of a loss to describe this. Much of this wouldn't be out of a place on a sun damaged Ashtray tape from the mid-90's or a Bananafish comp [which, if i'm not mistaken, it was].

The lp he did for Ultra Eczema [look out for an upload soon] is a bit more in line with Fat Worm's weirder shit with just a dash of early 70's Residents thrown in for good measure. That's probably a easier place to start if you haven't listened to much in the way of 90's noise.

Brian Chippendale - Ninja minis! 1&2


Original self published minis of Chippendale's masterwork that just happens to be called Ninja.

Chippendale's comics hit me in the same way that Morrison, Kirby or Panter books do. Just this raw explosion of ideas on a page. Kinetic and mindblowing. Seriously download these and then RUSH OUT AND BUY THE NINJA BOOK. DOO ETTT. MANDINGO COMMANDS YOU.

Jazzfinger - Orange Sauce

Orange Sauce

To be totally honest Jazzfinger tend be hit and miss with me. Some of their records like this one are huge hits with me and are in a constant state of rotation. Others? Tend to get played once and are promptly forgotten about.

I imagine that this is how some of you dudes feel about the Skaters and whatnot.

Anyway, if y'all dig bands like Starving Weirdos and you're not a fan of Jazzfinger then... well... you might wanna correct that.

Temperatures - Too Hot To Handle 7''

Too Hot to Handle

(sorry that was the biggest image i could find on the interwebs)

Anyway, way back when i posted these dudes' Eskra lp [don't ask for a re-up, label/band don't dig on that] I described these dudes' sound as a lethargic Lightning Bolt touching dicks with Talibam!. I think that's still pretty on point although this 7" is a bit more energetic than Eksra.


Ball Lightning - Collective Jyrk CDR


An oldie, but a goodie.

I have a hard time deciding between this and Bulbs. I DUNNO.

Birds of Delay - Gateway to Feather

Gateway to Feather

This is in a nice middle ground between these cats noisier outings and the more sedate ones. Really great stuff. I've talked 'em up enough in the past.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bone Rattle - Which Toy

Which Toy

No point in me trying to deny that the main reason i checked this lp out was due totally to the terrible trashing that it got in Still Single. Something about how the reviewer was talking about the thing made it sound pretty appealing, but I'm into all that shit anyway.

I dunno. I liked it.

Basalt Fingers - Gashound


A pretty good slice of free noise rock guitar bullshit.

Chris Corsano Band - High and Dry

High and Dry

If I'm being totally honest with you I almost always prefer Corsano in the context of a Duo rather than a solo record or some big clusterfuck of sound that obscures most of what he's doing. I mean, honestly, if i had to choose between listening to this or the recent Jailbreak or Flower-Corsano Duo records I'd pick those up in a heartbeat. I dunno why really.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy or love some of his solo records. I think this one is probably the strongest solo album he's done since the Young Cricketer.

For those of you who don't follow Volcanic Tongue semi-religiously like I do then dig on this. This is Corsano recording all the parts and making some free noise rock monstrosity that's capable of destroying Del Rio, TX with a whip of it's mighty noise rock cock.

so yeah.

All of the old post are gone. Most of them were dead links and in a lot of cases stuff that i really don't have anymore. EAT IT I SUPPOSE.

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