Monday, May 30, 2011

PUKERS - Dead Dog

Dead Dog

For whatever reason whenever I take a quick glance at the cover I can't help but think that's William Faulker holding the dead dawg.

Ashtray Navigations - Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies

Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies

A pretty low key, yet great, single from the almighty Ashtray Navigations. This is actually one of my favs they've done.

Fantastic cover.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Temperatures - Ymir [REPOST FIXED LINK]


Sorry about the delay on the reup of this, but now you'll finally get to hear side B! Hope it was worth the wait. sorryaboutthati'majerk.

Here's an a story that pretty well illustrates my history with Temperatures and my own stupidity.

For the longest time, despite reading reviews that describe them pretty well as NOT being this, I thought these guys would sound like fucking Fuck Buttons. I actually have a soft spot for Fuck Buttons [It's like a Fisher Price "MY FIRST NOISE RECORD" type thing. i love it.], but i was shocked when i bought mp3's of Eskra and it was much more in line with what bands like Talibam! are doing that anything else.

I think I've jammed this puppy more than any record I've heard in recent memory. It's a solid motherfucker.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

United Waters - Your First Ever River lp

Your First Ever River


Sorta fitting that this came out on Arbitrary Signs since Nolan's Spectre Folk project is kinda the closest comparison I can think of of the top of my head.

I hope that makes some sort of sense.

Afternoon Penis - High Noon

High Noon

Best Band Name Ever? YES OH YES!

Noggin - Some Live

Some Live

I don't think is quite as good as their trackshun lp's but it's a great live set of two dudes beating the shit of a guitar & a violin.

And really what more could you want?

Birds of Prey - I've Got Heroin in My Aids cd-r


I think Static Fanatic might've posted this a ways back, but I had it before he posted it. DON'T FIGHT ME STATIC FANATIC I WILL DESTROY YOU! NOISE/DRONE/WEIRDO BLOGGA WAR!!!!

Eh... not really.

Anyway. That this is a Birds of Prey instead of a Delay release kinda does a decent job of describing it actually. It's much more brutal that yr average Birds release which usually involves sculpting feedback into this droney messes.

It's pretty killer. Killer is my new catchphrase.

Liquid Turtle - Ocean Phenomena

Ocean Phenomena

I grabbed this from the awesome Luna Cunt blog before it went down. So sad.

NEWAY. Solo jam from Birds of Delay dude. It's probably much closer to the Birds' Nashazphone LP than other reccs i've heard from these guys.

It's pretty killer.

Izititiz - With Our With Jazz lp

With Our With Jazz

Another NNCK Free Jazz side project and yeah it kicks my ass.

I mean if NNCK & Free Jazz in the same sentence doesn't excite you then I just don't understand you.

Pascal Nichols - Empty Bell Tower

Empty Bell Tower

Pascal Nichols is probably best known as half of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. This is him doing his thang all solo like and it's a interesting slice of beating stuff in a somewhat subdued way.

White Rock - Warm Cans

Warm Cans

If you were to travel back in time to the year 2005 and somehow manged to make friends with me [more on me than you] you probably would've had to listen to me geeking out about the Tarpit lp that these guys did for Troubleman.

Sad to say i was kinda geeking out before i even heard the record. HALF OF DOUBLE LEOPARDS + MOUTHUS? SIGN ME UP MOTHERFUCKER.

[i was not aware of religious knives at that point in time, i don't even know how White Rock & Religious Knives match up timeline wise]

Not that Tarpit wasn't a killer slab of kinda noisy-ass drone. It was and this is a nice addition to that.

Elisa Ambrogio & Karl Bauer - Split 7''


I don't really remember if this is a split or a collab, but it has a half of Magik Markers & that dude who does that axolotl band.

btw, what's been going on with axolotl lately? seems like releases have slowed to a snail's pace.

Heathen Shame lp

Self Titled lp

Honestly they could've just called themselves Kellmonster.



i haven't been sharing stuff in a while. dunno why really. stuff. doing thangs. licking cocks. readin books. yelling about comics online. WHO KNOWS?

but i'm back babbeeee.

Temperatures & A Middle Sex

Split LP

Oh, soulseek. What treasures do you have left to give me?

This is a pretty fucking killer split between these two bands. Honestly i found myself grooving with the fucking A Middle Sex side more than the Temperatures side, but both rawk teh foe hamma.


Tiger Hatchery 12"

Tiger Hatchery

You like Ettrick? Yeah, I know you do you motherfucker.

A Middle Sex - A Muddled Hex

A Muddled Hex

I don't know much about this band aside from this and two killer split lps with GNOD and the awe-inspiring Temperatures [coming soon!!! [and by soon i mean next [and by next i mean after a tiger hatchery SS 12"]]] but they are pretty killer.

I'm not gonna pretend that there aren't dozens of bands that do this sort of thing. Total Volcanic Tongue bait, but some of us {MEMEMEMEMEME![and that Keenan dood]] eat that shit up with a spoon the size of my balls.

So an average spoon then. I dunno.